Your Body Goals Strategy Session

What to Expect

🌟 Unlock the power of your unique Ayurvedic constitution and align your habits, body, and soul goals with core strategies for transformative self-healing

🤝 Identify the ONE habit for rapid progress towards your desired outcomes.

🚀 Create a personalized plan with simple, actionable steps for a smoother and enjoyable journey to a healthier and happier you

About our Expert Coaching

At Club Thrive, we  guide our tribe to thrive and coach our members to success. We are a lean team of global Health, Wellness and Ayurveda and  experts in USA, Australia, UK and Asia led by Amazon’s Bestselling Author and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Cate Stillman (Founder of Yogahealer, Club Thrive and Wellness Pro Academy, Author of 3 Amazon Best Sellers)

Anna Berkelmans

Drawing upon an  extensive background in both nursing, yoga and coaching, Anna offers a rich blend of skills, knowledge, and a resolutely client-centered approach.  Her capacity to deliver 

comprehensive support, foster individual empowerment, and facilitate seamless collaboration holds the potential to substantially enhance the transformative impact within the lives of individuals and professionals

Patrick Heffernan

Originally from Southern California, Patrick now resides in New York’s Hudson Valley, running an online business and serving as a fitness and wellness coach. With over a decade in musical theater, he transitioned to coaching in 2021, launching “Journey to the Peak” and “Journey to You” for health improvement.

His latest offering, “The Performer’s Heart,” helps artists overcome imposter syndrome and performance anxiety. Patrick holds a degree in Theater and Speech, is extensively trained in yoga, and empowers individuals in their transformational journeys through his coaching.

What our community says about us

“I am excited by the possibility of knowing that I can provide myself with my own powerful medicine. Loving the Habits, stacking them and staying committed.  So grateful!”

Tracey Cerchiara

“Body Goals session has helped me build the new skill of ‘gain thinking’.  I went on to lose 16Lbs in 6 months.  I am doing better living a healthy lifestyle.  I’m more mindful of my daily practices – being more health conscious.  Developing new routines i.e seasonal living.”

Wendy Uhl

Thank you, Anna for reminding me of the power of mental rehearsal, igniting my imagination and expanding my sense of what’s possible when I allow my higher Self to lead the way”. 

Kirsten Hugins