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You are most likely a CLOUD type

What does this mean? And to see exceptional results, how should Intermittent Fasting be for you?

Cloud Body Type

Here's what is TRUE about your unique constitution

CLOUD types are calm, patient, caring, and gravitate towards consistency and comfort. This is Kapha body type in Ayurveda. People with this constitution usually have dense, sturdy bodies. Their habits can be exceedingly regular and routine. On Intermittent Fasting, This slow burner needs less food than the other types, yet has a generous body to store used calories. This type requires the most extended fasts as it’s exceedingly easy for them to overeat or eat too frequently.

Let's look at some questions most CLOUD Types like you have

  • How do I lose weight when I have a slower metabolism?
  • How do I stop snacking?
  • Will I always have a slow metabolism?
  • I need motivation to fast. How do I get motivated?

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Who are some famous CLOUD Types?

The Awesome Cloud Type

Oprah Winfrey

Shaquille O'Neal