The Key to a Happy, Healthy, Thriving Microbiome

by Cate Stillman and Club Thrive Global

This Shopping List + Guide contains 17 pages of info sheets, work sheets, best practices and shopping checklists so you're ready to jump into your transformation. From 20 years of our history, experiences and knowledge - straight to you


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Discover how to feed your microbiome, diagnose your microbiome health, know enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics


Everything to create a healthy, thriving, happy microbiome is packed in this 17-page guide. You need this. 

You're a unique individual.

There's not a one-size-fits-all in health.
Get connected to our expert coach and we'll help you design a HEAL and THRIVE journey that fits YOU.

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Led by Cate Stillman

About our Expert Coaching

At Club Thrive, we  guide our tribe to thrive and coach our members to success. We are a lean team of global Health, Wellness and Ayurveda and  experts in USA, Australia, UK and Asia led by Amazon’s Bestselling Author and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Cate Stillman (Founder of Yogahealer, Club Thrive and Wellness Pro Academy, Author of 3 Amazon Best Sellers)