Design Your Uplevel

What to Expect

🌟 Unique and invaluable opportunity to receive personalized guidance, support, and expertise from someone who has already walked the path you aspire to tread

🤝Receive tailored individualized support to address your specific crossroads or life challenges

🚀Identify actionable strategies and steps to take charge of your life and create the impact you’ve always dreamed of!

About our Expert Coaching

At Club Thrive, we  guide our tribe to thrive and coach our members to success. We are a lean team of global Health, Wellness and Ayurveda and  experts in USA, Australia, UK and Asia led by Amazon’s Bestselling Author and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Cate Stillman (Founder of Yogahealer, Club Thrive and Wellness Pro Academy, Author of 3 Amazon Best Sellers)

Anna Berkelmans

Drawing upon an  extensive background in both nursing, yoga and coaching, Anna offers a rich blend of skills, knowledge, and a resolutely client-centered approach.  Her capacity to deliver comprehensive support, foster individual empowerment, and facilitate seamless collaboration holds the potential to substantially enhance the transformative impact within the lives of individuals and professionals

Patrick Heffernan

Originally from Southern California, Patrick now resides in New York’s Hudson Valley, running an online business and serving as a fitness and wellness coach. With over a decade in musical theater, he transitioned to coaching in 2021, launching “Journey to the Peak” and “Journey to You” for health improvement.

His latest offering, “The Performer’s Heart,” helps artists overcome imposter syndrome and performance anxiety. Patrick holds a degree in Theater and Speech, is extensively trained in yoga, and empowers individuals in their transformational journeys through his coaching.

What our community says about us

“What shifted for me coming out of the session is that I have a much clearer picture of the target aim and, as a result, I feel more determined and focused In my approach.” 

Mary Kohn

“There are many take-aways from this session, having someone deeply listen and give back information to push for awareness and change.  I so appreciate the feedback!  It’s important to hear from people that genuinely want to support me on a path of becoming and cut through the crap to pin point areas to work on in all aspects of my life for real growth.  I have already started prioritizing my time differently.  Time management was a big one for most of us.  I love that I am on a path for my deeper dream and have a method to aim high for who I want to become in my next growth phase.”

Tracy Rodenbaugh

“I’m more aware that I need a vision and that I have to make it clear and broken down. I’m also more aware of my critical issues and that I want to break through them”.

Terese Gamnis