Imagine a Club

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Want to resolve chronic health issues and thrive in your life?

We guide people to thrive in their bodies and lead their lives on purpose aligned to their unique ambitions.We are a results-oriented innovative mastermind club for people to heal, to detox, to cure chronic conditions, while learning the strategy for lifestyle design and personal purpose. We leverage the mastermind as a dynamic growth group where new members get results quickly and easily from our momentum, guidance amd support. 


0.1 Imagine a CLUB 

  • Evolves your daily rhythm to free up your energy, time and money 
  • Lines up your daily habits with your life vision
  • Guarantees 4 breakthroughs/ year with challenges and detoxes, integrated into the experience
  • Guides you with strategic planning for your life goals and unique dharma, supports you to make the plan real

Imagine a CLUB that: (VIBE)

  • ​Feels like dropping into the best conversation you could be in
  • Surrounds you with people that have the habits you want next
  • Focuses you on investing in your better future: integrity/body/lifestyle/career/purpose/relationships/wealth

Imagine a CLUB that: (EXPERTISE)

  • Supports you to nail your individual and collective goals for life-changing ROI
  • Normalizes smarter structures in your relationships to grow towards thrive, purpose, connection, impact
  • Is run by Cate + CLUB THRIVE MENTORS
  • Unlocks library of LIVING AYURVEDA, BODY THRIVE, Yogidetox

Here’s how it works: (LIVE COACHING) 

  • Weekly COLLAB Sessions with Mentors
  • 2 x month Ask Cate Session 

Here’s how it works: (CONVERSATION) 

  • 1 Month DYNAMIC CLUB WORKSHOP: CLUB THRIVE (Patrick + Monica)
  • 1 Month DYNAMIC CLUB WORKSHOP: CLUB HERO (Patrick + Monica)
  • Skool community to collaborate with other members
  • Accountability partnerships
  • 2 Challenges + 2 Detoxes around Solstices and Equinoxes
  • Quarterly Success Coach Member Check-In (1-1)

How we show up

  • Growth mindset; Ask better questions
  • Prioritize connection, we’re global, shared culture, you are not alone
  • You are not behind and you are not ahead
  • Ask for what you want: Listening? Coaching? Connection? Advice? Empathy?
  • Exercise your agency (self as agent); take aligned action
  • Enough of the habits enough of the time, B-, resist the habits as long as you can: stop fighting yourself, gap and gain

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