WIND types are fast, fun, and, as the wind, like to fly. Wind has the element of air moving through space, or ether. Air is mobile, drying, light, cold. Ether is subtle, expansive, light and cold. The symbol of the ectomorph catabolic type is the elongated rectangle. People with this constitution us

Fire types are intense, sharp, and tend to run warm with strong digestion. This type is Pitta in Ayurveda. Fire types are ambitious, goal-focused, often innovative and future-focused. The symbol of the mesomorphic metabolic type is the inverted triangle. Fire types metabolize energy quickly and have

CLOUD types are calm, patient, caring, and gravitate towards consistency and comfort. This is Kapha body type in Ayurveda. The symbol of the endomorphic anabolic type is the stable square. People with this constitution usually have dense, sturdy bodies. Their habits can be exceedingly regular and ro

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. — Hippocrates Body-typing isn’t new to the human species. Ancient cultures from across the globe—Greece, India, the Americas, China, Japan, Asia and other First Nation cultures—indi

Wild fermentation is the opposite of homogenization and uniformity, a small antidote you can undertake in your home, using the extremely localized populations of microbial cultures present there to produce your own unique fermented foods. — SANDOR KATZ, WILD FERMENTATION Just as shit happens, f

You are my other me.What I do onto you,I do onto myself.— THE MAYAN MORAL CODE: LAK’ECH ALA K’IN Forgive all trespasses against thee. Hold no grudge. Unchain your heart. Free your mind. The sooner the better. Forgiveness is a habit. Unsurprisingly, the forgiveness habit is an indicator

Humans are an ultrasocial species.— HENRICH & MUTHUKRISHNA: THE ORIGINS AND PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN COOPERATION (2021)Modern humans identify more with the experience of “I am separate” than “I am connected.” This, too, is a negative stressor leading to degeneration and disease.  Going it

Lest we forget, our human biochemistry is subtle and sacred.  Humans orient towards purpose. We comprehend morality, we ritualize mortality. Humans dance; we sing, bike, ski, flip, fly. Humans hunt, build, make art, design, invent—create. Humans developed language to communicate ideas. We phi