Invest in the future you most want to experience.

Thrive is your birthright

CLUB THRIVE is for people who want to heal their bodies, and free up their time, their energy and their focus for what matters most.


We will surround you with people that have the habits you want next. We will guide you into resilience and adaptability, then into your potential.

Yet modern life is

We’re rushed out of our body rhythms.

We traded being the wisest of the wise mammals, engineered by nature to bring forth cultures of joy and connection, for the bloat of “too much.”

Too much to do, too much food, too much stimulation, too much stuff, too many pesticides, too much… too much.

Stress can be bad

Conventional habits are the negative stressors that accelerate aging. Distress destroys the subtle biochemistry of the human being.

Aging isn’t designed to be painful or riddled with chronic disease.

Negative stressors may be culturally prevalent, but they don’t need to be and haven’t always been there. They degenerate your physiology, making it impossible to thrive.

Or stress can be great!

Adversity habits are when you do the hard things that make your future better.

In CLUB THRIVE, we use primal habits -which are the fastest, leanest best habits to feel great, be at your fighting weight, focused, on purpose with your life.

Modern culture is in
poor health

The habits of modern humans are conventional to the point of poisoning people slowly into anxiety, depression, confusion and chronic disease. Children today are being born with preventable disease markers.

The good news?

The conventional habits dehumanizing us are very new. They’ve only been around for a few generations. That means we can turn things around. You can turn things around.

Club Thrive members
feel good!

CLUB THRIVE guides members through a one-year transformation from health issues to feeling great. Our core strategy for new members is for them to join our club, where existing members—who are already progressing with the core circadian habits—can support them to make fast progress in a container that reinforces their transformation.

We find that in about one year of time, positive stressor habits, engaged in together, move someone from health issues (A) to feeling good (B).

Club Thrive accelerates
your success

CLUB THRIVE guides you to automate the best habits for life.

We couple ancient wisdom, rediscovered, confirmed and supported by the latest scientific research. With true wisdom, you can move from the “now” of symptoms to a new “now” of thriving in your body, with a focused mind and aligned purpose for the next chapter of your life.

Club Thrive enhances your
focus purpose and bigger dreams

At CLUB THRIVE, first you heal if you have healing to do. Then, you clarify your vision, routed in purpose, focused on potential.

You’ll use our strategy system to live the life beyond your wildest dreams.

You evolve faster with us

With us at CLUB THRIVE, you’ll be with people doing hard things and having breakthroughs.

You’ll achieve truer goals for your life. You’ll evolve with us, faster and within a field of guidance. And you’ll make friends for life.. who carry your momentum into your future.

Get better at investing in the future you want to experience and it will lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams

Cate Stillman

Thought leader, healer, writer, coach, gen x entrepreneur, and CLUB creator devoted to guiding you to experience your potential. 

I'm Cate




I lead CLUB THRIVE. In CLUB THRIVE, you will heal. You will detox. ou will automate the lifelong habits to thrive. You’ll experience your life on target, and you’ll uplevel your capacity to live your next purpose. Plus, it’s WAY more fun. to be on the inside.

We orient towards thrive.

We live in circadian rhythm.

Primal habits awaken subtle physiology.

We engage strategy + structure to align to next life purpose.

We connect to collaborate to evolve together.

Our mission is to guide our members to live true to their purpose and thrive: in body, relationships, investments, and impact.


Our method is to activate collaborative intellligence using dynamic club structures. The result? Our members generate a web of interconnected wisdom that reinforces the values, core competencies, vibe, and accelerates members reaching goals.

Club Thrive members
invest in their future


biohackers + yogis

I started as the YOGAHEALER in 2001… leading the future of Ayurveda, biohacker conversation. We press on today thrilled by advances in science confirming and revealing new aspects of ancient wisdom.

strategic thrivers

We are a take life by the horns and surrender to the goddess kind of club. We do both – activate dynamic business strategy into personal, family and team goals to drive a better experience towards aweinspiring results. Learn structures for investment and impact back on your unique abilities, network and opportunities.

healing crisis heros

The depth journey brings us, one by one to our knees, begging mercy, asking forgiveness, pledging to align our actions into integrity. We’re here for you. We know the territory, the inner landscape, and the tools to go into your wisdom body.

inspired not retired

We activate our elders to rise up, take the throne of their domain, and channel wisdom into communities, while exploring the subtle sapience of seniority.

wellness pros

Often wellness pros want to keep an eye on what I’m living, leading, and coaching. We have wellness pros around the world in CLUB THRIVE to lean into their personal habit integrity, and to feel the love of a dynamic primal habits club.

As you build your capacity to thrive, vision, strat-plan and grow, you enter a higher order of living. Simplicity expands. You have more, need less, love your life, love your core people, while experiencing body thrive.



First, get on the waitlist. You’ll get a chance to tell us about your current reality and your next ambitions.

Crash Course

For you to find out the return on investment from being in CLUB THRIVE, we’ll have you run through our crash course. It’s our weeder program. If you get weeded in… it means you’ll crush your goals with us in CLUB THRIVE.


As part of the CRASH COURSE, you’ll have a qualifying interview. Bring your goals, your challenges, your potential. We’ll see if we’re a fit.

Our waitlist is a free process to see if you qualify to have massive breakthroughs with us.

In this process, we’ll guide you to:

  1. Clarify your goals and return on investment
  2. Assess how to invest in the future you want to experience and
  3. Set your timeline.

I drive the bus at CLUB THRIVE. And there is a party in the back. And all sorts of life-enhancing conversations happening across the aisle.

We all seem to be steering, but I’m the one with my hands on the wheel. I led BODY THRIVE for over a decade… before CLUB THRIVE took over… the PRIMAL HABITS came into vision… strategy and structure clicked into place.

As a business leader, team leader, global thought leader, I lead by example. I model the way. I rely on collaborative intelligence, design thinking, and liberating structures. You’ll get my freshest strategies and structures in CLUB THRIVE… as well as all the love.

thrive with primal habits

Prime your purpose

Find your focus

live the dream