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Your Ticket to Amazing

April 3-24, 2024


Without seasonal detox, you miss out.

You miss out on feeling great next season.
We miss getting smarter, physically, psychologically, and spiritually as we age.
Caught up in the whirlwind, you can’t find your rhythm. Your time.

Uplevel your rhythm, time, flow and ease. By April 24th, you will feel amazing!

You have everything you need for this detox at home. Except us. It’s simple. Come as you are. You’ll feel amazing!

The question is... Do you need to detox with us?

Should You Detox With Us?

 You are curious how good you can feel.

 You want more energy.

 You want to reset your habits

 You have symptoms – allergies, mood issues, skin issues, digestive issues, headaches, PMS, joint pain.

 You have weight creep.

 You are too busy.

 You want to see which symptoms could disappear with detoxing.


Cate Stillman has guided the Simple Detox since 2001. Her focus right now is to help people feel amazing.

Simple Detox habits reverse chronic systemic inflammation… and get you back on top of life.

Cate is a next generation thoughtleader escorting Ayurveda into the future. She peddles in wisdom, not products. So buy your ticket and get the most basic detox skills…

She saves her members thousands of dollars a year through helping them make smarter choices for their bodies. 

There is nothing else like the Simple Detox community experience. Her members return, year after year to go deeper into BODY WISDOM.

Her members return year after year to feel even more amazing. So buy your ticket and feel amazing in 21 days.

You want to be lithe, fit, and strong. You want more time. Better rhythm. To feel rested and resilient. You want smarter daily habits and a better future. You want to refresh your recipes and your kitchen routines.

You may be wondering… “Is this detox going to be easy enough for me?”

Here’s the TRUTH – you Don’t need to be ready, confident, or prepared. You will have an amazing breakthrough with us!

What's Happening, When It's Gonna Happen?

Personalized 1-1 Kick Off Call with your Wellness Coach

The first week is about easing into the detox gently and personally. Use this time to tune in to what your body needs and work with your 1-1 Wellness Coach for guidance.

Live Q&A with Cate Stillman of Club Thrive

During week 2, you’ll feel more centered and clear after the first week. You’ll choose from 5 nourishment options tailored to your needs. Get extra support from our exclusive FB Detox Group. Join the LIVE Q&A with Cate for more insights.

Detox Wrap Up Call with your Wellness Coach

By the end of the detox, you’ll feel amazing. You’ll have better habits and rhythms in sleeping, eating, meditation, and exercise. Your old patterns will feel like a distant memory. After just 21 days, you’ll be leaner, cleaner, more awake, and joyful. Wrap up the detox and plan your next steps with your Personal Wellness Coach.

You’re only guaranteed to feel amazing if you commit, attend the sessions, and do the simple detox. We will guide you through as long as you show up!

4 Reasons You Should Join Us

Feel Good

Drop a layer of inflammation. Feel light. Clear your head. Wake up light and be clear ans ready to be you.

Look Good

You’ll be amazed at who is under your skin. How great your wardrobe is when you’re deeper in your own skin.

More Free Time

Detox opens the field of time and space. You’ll have room to breathe in your life.

Get Smarter

Detox improves cognition function. You’ll be more focused on your inner vision into action. The less important stuff will drift away.

As a global community, we do a great leap forward in April and October, every year. You'll hydrate, rest and rejuvenate. It's easy. It's effective. And you'll learn the detox skill for life.

Join us, and you will guide your body into rhythm. You'll release what is holding you back. We'll nurture who you want to become in to the now.

According to Ayurveda, everyone should do a reset, a seasonal detox, between the seasonal changes.

Otherwise, you make it much harder on your next season… not to mention that you age faster. On a coaching call, member Sarita quoted her teacher Maya Tiwari, “If you don’t press pause, Mother Nature will press pause for you.”

What our members are saying

More Energy

From Being Out of Rhythm to Leveraging A Bigger Energy for Life

Clear Skin

Simple Detox Benefits, Energy, Elimination, and Clear Skin


Simple Detox is Complementary to My Transformation


You can choose the detox that is right for you