Solstice Dec 21:
Rhythm + Ritual with Cate
Dec 21 | 2 PM MT

What was 2022 about? Celebrate your gains, your lessons learned, who you became. 

Solstice Centering: December 21
Enlighten your 2023.

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What's In It?

Set up your best RHYTHM.  Emerge with your Spi[ritual] evolution.
I’ll show you how PRIMAL HABITS ignite your potential…. Optimize fast/feasting rhythm for strength-building.  

Create RHYTHM to lead you and your core people to optimize


To live vital, awake, and Uninflamed in 2023! 
Come and bring the intelligence of your inner rhythm to light. 
And so your holidays bring inner fulfillment.

What Problems Are We Solving

If you find yourself bored socializing, or going through the motions …from one thing to the next with an unclear life vision… 

AND YOU’RE READY ….to do what matters most

4 Reasons You Need to Workshop 

1.Chances are, you are the leader for your core people to Orient towards Depth. Purpose. Meaning. Joy. Come to get a hit to pass along.. !
2. Workshop with Cate + get excited about your future potential with PRIMAL HABITS
3. Have a breakthrough
4. Leave with an action plan to REJUVE.


Is This You?

  • You want a life-enhancing breakthrough
  • You want to experience accelerated personal growth
  • You want to experience a “growth group” in action
  • You need clarity on your next chapter
  • You need an infallible plan of action

Your Next Action

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