Happiness comes from radiant health and fulfillment.

Fulfillment comes from purpose. Your body is at the root of your ability to align your daily habits with your greater purpose.

Welcome to CLUB THRIVE

For people who want to heal their bodies, and free up their time, their energy and their purpose for what matters most. Welcome. We will surround you with people that have the habits you want next. We will guide you to resilience and adaptability. You will get better at investing in the future you want to experience, and it will lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

How do we know that?

Because that is what we do. Welcome. And discover what return on investment is all about, when you invest in yourself first.
Elegant, simple, life-style driven habits… that awaken a life of purpose…

If you’re frustrated, out of balance, out of energy, out of tricks, and too busy to deal with it… means your habits didn’t scale with your other successes.

CLUB HEAL is a mastermind that regenerates your body, aligns your life to deep rhythm via circadian habits which means you get to vitality, adaptability and resilience faster. You’ll feel great and look great.

In CLUB HEAL you’ll pick up smarter habits you can leverage for life, especially with strategic life design.

If you need to heal or realign, you start here. With us, you’ll generate a surplus of energy, creativity and endurance.

You may have everything you need to heal… except the time and the guidance, and the right people in your life.

I’m glad you found us. In CLUB HEAL, you’ll have the right guidance, the right people influencing your habits, and this will free up your time, energy, and you’ll be able to focus and design for what matters most. We have the track record to prove it.

You may be busy and yet need to realign before you get an even bigger wake-up call. You may need to prioritize investing in the right guide and club. We are already where you want to be next. And we can get you to where you want to be… in your body, with your calendar, and in your life goals.

At CLUB HEAL, we are a results-oriented forward-looking global coaching club with a specific method to guide you to thrive in your body, and then take on bigger challenges and goals in your life, amidst an unpredictable future.

What does CLUB HEAL solve for?
How do we do it?
Who do we do it for?
What sets us apart?

The Member Curriculum at CLUB HEAL

Circadian Rhythm Habits; Chronic Inflammation; Intermittent Fasting; Body Thrive Habits
Core 2 Future YOU
Your Identity Evolution; Four Sets (mindset, people, tools, skills); Your Goals; Time: Insourcing, Outsourcing
Core 3 Shaping HABITS
Positive Stressors; Architect, kaizen, keystone; Agni; Heal (+ Healing Crisis) + Detox.
Clean Blood (Cryo, COLD.Hot.BLEED); Microbiome Restoration: Eat Dirty, UT, Ferment; Social Habits: Forgive, Commune; Clean Mind: Hum, Swish, SIt, Exhale
Visioning; Critical Issues (SMART); Strategy (SWOT); Plan.
Depth Journey; Breakdown/Breakthrough; Influencers; Integrity, Money, Wisdom, Team

(CIRCADIAN) Everyday body rhythm habits.

(IDENTITY) Future You: identity evolution

(CULTURE) Club Culture + Structures

(HABITS) Shaping your habits with positive stressors

(PRIMAL) Primal Habits to rewild your soul + microbiome

(STRATEGY) Life vision, goals, strategy, critical issues, planning

(INTEGRATION) Your shadow, your depth, your healing journey


About Cate

Cate Stillman knows how to guide you to heal from chronic inflammation and regenerate your microbiome. She’ll guide you, through leveraging the power of a CLUB with circadian habits, into quickly recovering your deep energy and sense of purpose. That is what we do in CLUB HEAL.

Once your habits are in circadian rhythm, she’ll guide you to your true next purpose, using the same strategic thinking and planning used by companies to hit goals in real time. You’ll expect great things from yourself, your life, and your day-to-day experience.

If you want to heal, to grow, to prosper… join us.
We know how and we’ll have your back.

Cate Stillman is global community leader and innovator of ancient wisdom for modern people. Her books include: Body Thrive, Master of YOU, and UNInflamed. Cate has released over 700 podcast episodes on the YOGAHEALER Show and at Wellness Pro Academy. 

She has devoted her life to people and ecosystems thriving around the globe,

You are joining CLUB HEAL and saying “YES” to evolving your body, to gaining deep energy, to aligning your life to who you are and your next purpose. Expect breakthroughs.

You’ll make friends who are growing and aligning to. You’ll get the support you need to be who you want to become next. Good on you. You’re doing this. With us. And we’ve got your back.

1 Year Membership to CLUB HEAL