Habits and the Human Potential

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Lest we forget, our human biochemistry is subtle and sacred. 

Humans orient towards purpose. We comprehend morality, we ritualize mortality. Humans dance; we sing, bike, ski, flip, fly. Humans hunt, build, make art, design, invent—create. Humans developed language to communicate ideas. We philosophize to reveal universal truths. We do math, physics, chemistry. We gather. We trade. We form teams, competing for fun and for growth. We collaborate globally via technology and telepathy. 

Lest we forget, human beings are exquisitely designed, from physiology to psychology, to thrive in our communal society. The human biochemistry, our hardware and software, evolved with our universe, our planet, our biosphere—our collaborative home. 

Yet, we have a problem. 

The habits of modern humans are conventional to the point of poisoning people slowly into anxiety, depression, confusion and chronic disease. Children today are being born with preventable disease markers.

The good news? The conventional habits dehumanizing us are very new. They’ve only been around for a few generations. That means we can turn things around. You can turn things around. 

The most serious and far-reaching result of our current habits—how we grow food, how frequently we eat, our chronic mental stress, the medicines we trust in, what we do each day without thinking—is that they are causing INFLAMMATION on a mass scale. Inflammation is the cause of most of today’s symptoms and diseases in our bodies and minds. 

But we can reverse it. We can change, we can move from our current sub-par experience to the state of “thrive,” of being UN-INFLAMED. Hence the title of this book. 

I will show you how. This book will take you through the best habits to turn things around. A lot of what I will show you is ancient wisdom, rediscovered, confirmed and supported by the latest scientific research. With true wisdom, you can move from the “now” of symptoms to a new “now” of thriving in your body, with a focused mind and aligned purpose for the next chapter of your life. 

This is reality now. 
With inflammation, we lose. 

We lose feeling great in our wisdom years. 
We lose the ability to focus our life towards meaning and purpose. 
We lose the ease of relaxation. 
We lose simple pleasures. 
And, yet… problems are potentials.

I’ll guide you through the habits that eat inflammation for breakfast, so you can reverse the damage caused by conventional habits. As you run experiments with the primal habits explored in this book, you’ll recover your natural rhythm, befriend your body type, and feed your microbiome to optimize your genetics. Rhythm isn’t a race against time.

You’ll get leaner, stronger, smarter. With primal habits, you clear pain. You become the visionary; you learn who you will become next. You end up with more time, more money, less waste. 

Your past determines your present. 

Primal habits ignite your potential. 

Potential churns critical issues to the surface. Embedded within problems are innovative solutions. The complexities of health issues mask the simplest solutions. 

The primal habits have been cultured out of us. 

Our potential—each and every one of us—is to culture for ourselves, once we have the knowledge, the habits that invigorate personal health and activate our collective intelligence. 

You are a highly adaptable organism, designed to collaborate with potentiality. Remembering the primal habits will help you along the path to becoming who you always knew you were—and who you could become next. 

Vital, awake, uninflamed… human

Does this resonate with you?

✔️ You wish you had more time to unplug and realign your life to your next ideal schedule, next purpose, next habits, next reality
✔️ You want powerful, growth-focused relationships
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✔️ You’re ready to have a strategic approach to making bigger things happen in the world
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✔️ You want to experience a higher order that comes from next level integrity with your investments, your time, your focus, your habits. 
You want to  leverage your assets and unique genius to design your future
✔️ You want the skills, tools, and structures to reach goals with the people in your life (partners, teams, family)

You’re a perfect fit for Club Thrive. We’ll be waiting for you. We’re in this together. 

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