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CLOUD types are calm, patient, caring, and gravitate towards consistency and comfort. This is Kapha body type in Ayurveda.

The symbol of the endomorphic anabolic type is the stable square. People with this constitution usually have dense, sturdy bodies. Their habits can be exceedingly regular and routine. This slow burner needs less food than the other types, yet has a generous body to store used calories. This type requires the most extended fasts as it’s exceedingly easy for them to overeat or eat too frequently.

This Yogahealer Podcast episode explains CLOUD TYPES: “What Is KAPHA Dosha?”1


CLOUDS gather water molecules into a collective potential. This latent potential gives cloud types weight, stamina, density, and resilience that the other types don’t get. This power of water needs to be activated in flow, in motion, not stagnating. Out of balance, this pattern suffers from excess mucus, lethargy and imbalances from stagnation.

If you’re laid back, have good endurance and rarely get “hangry” (irritable from hunger), you may be a slow burner CLOUD type. CLOUD types thrive with less food less frequently than other types.

CLOUDS naturally accumulate and store energy. This runs a slower vibe through the system, and endomorphs are slow processors, slow digesters, and slow to change. Slow to change their minds, slow to change direction. Latent energy can become stagnant energy—and stagnation is the nemesis of cloud types. Their strength comes from activating their endless stores of energy. With PURPOSE and FOCUS, cloud types can outperform the less stable body types.

Cloud Emotions

CLOUD emotions in balance are loving, joyful, empathetic, content, and satisfied. But beware: water turns into a bog and then a swamp with the complacency of comfort.

Emotions out of balance are cloudy, foggy, heavy, stuck.

Sitting affects cloud types with diseases of stagnation—including emotional stagnation. The modern high-calorie, low-fiber diet is enough to bog down water types into a compliant depression.


Water is heavy, cold, and slow. Moving and fasting are the best eustressors for water types, who do well with a weekly exercise plan and fasting schedule.
For CLOUD types, being active in the evening is essential. Taking a walk, doing indoor or outdoor chores, riding a bike, or even working on a project from a standing desk will enhance fat metabolizing, which will help them feel energized and content.

Cloud Fasting Rhythm

Alternate 18/6 and 20/4, OMADS (“one meal a day”). You can do this during the week, or for a week solid and rotate weeks to get the feel for autophagy and metabolic flexibility.
Morning: black coffee, or butter coffee if you have cravings.
One meal: 12-6 pm.
Optional small meal: soup, salad, popcorn.


CLOUD types most easily shift to one main meal—OMAD—with an optional small meal before or after. Cloud types are often satisfied by volume, not morsels. For example, they thrive on spicy food that’s higher in fiber and lower in calories, for example: spicy Thai cabbage salad with garbanzo beans. Eating less frequently allows their ever-forgiving stomach to stretch internally for metabolic power, rather than stretch outwardly from overeating.

If weight isn’t falling off or brain fog isn’t clearing, be done eating earlier.

Like a cloud forest, this type is damp. Dampness is excellent when there is good airflow and sunshine to balance it. This type needs to move, to sweat, to GROOVE.

Many CLOUD types find they gravitate to OMAD, where they can eat anything and everything. This works well with their slower metabolism and natural endurance.

More extended fasting flips generous caloric storehouses of energy to the work of growth. Eventually, cloud types find the slow burn is a superpower they possess over the other constitutions. They can fast longer and more frequently. They are built for pure, efficient power.

While CLOUD types love the sensuality of eating and the pleasure of feeling full, their bodies need less-frequent feedings than the other types. CLOUD types benefit the least from eating heavily in the morning or evening… and should commit to a hearty midday meal. Eventually, CLOUD types who fast will experiment with one meal a day (OMAD) and even 24-40 hour fasts. This enables hidden inert fat cells to become reactivated and detoxed.

CLOUD types will quickly let go of any water weight and can reverse the pro-inflammatory toxicity in their adipose tissue (see ADIPOSE). Eating less frequently, they will experience lightness, freedom and flexibility more and more, alongside their natural endurance. To start, consume two meals within your feed time. Or if you like breaking your fast with green juice, have that and then two meals.

Primal Habits for Cloud

  • FAST
  • RUN
  • TRIP

1 Cate Stillman (2020, February 21). What is Kapha Dosha. Yogahealer.

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