Fire Body Type (Pitta, Mesomorph)

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Fire types are intense, sharp, and tend to run warm with strong digestion. This type is Pitta in Ayurveda. Fire types are ambitious, goal-focused, often innovative and future-focused.

The symbol of the mesomorphic metabolic type is the inverted triangle. Fire types metabolize energy quickly and have strong hunger. If fire types eat spicy or greasy foods, their digestion becomes too fast, with malabsorption or food in the stool.


Fire burns fuel, creating heat and light.

FIRE correlates to the intensity of sunlight and growth in the summer season—the quick turnover of sunlight into energy. The regularity of eating at the same time of day, with most calories taken before the sun sets, helps fire types regulate and replenish their energy.

People with this constitution have a more robust appetite for food and mental intensity. This type rarely skips meals and may have hyperglycemic and hyperacidic digestive tendencies. They are of medium build and strength and often have deep-set eyes and angular jaws.

Fire types aren’t nervous like their wind counterparts. Fire types are intense.
Pittas have more power in lysosomes—the acid and enzymes within cells that catalyze metabolism. Due to this, when out of balance, fire types run acidic, not alkaline. The microbiome needs alkalinity and gets overrun by the acidic environment in which dysbiosis thrives. This thickens the blood of fire types (see COLD.HOT.BLEED).

FIRE types are susceptible to acidic toxicity. Think wildfire spreading. With fasting, adipose tissue releases stored fat in the form of triglycerides back into the blood. If the fat tissue has inflammatory toxic hormones (adipokines) they release too, which can create an immune response with cytokines. A healing crisis can render rashes, infections, and acute inflammation (see HEAL). Like increases like, and infection can break out. The origin of the toxicity can range from alcohol, caffeine, coffee or colas, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, to poor-quality fats in the diet.

Fat tissue gets disrupted by stress hormones, like cortisol, and can lead to obesity due to the strong appetite of fire types.

If you have intense hunger and strong digestion, you may be a FIRE type. FIRE types tend to have strong digestion and benefit from substantial meals on schedule with plenty of green vegetables, protein, and high-quality cooling fats, like avocado, coconut, and almonds. Delaying eating isn’t recommended for pittas.

Fire Emotions

Fire emotions in balance are insightful, inspired, motivating, witty, and intelligently compassionate.

If your modus operandi is one of volatility, irritation, annoyance, disappointment, bitterness, and reactivity, your emotions fall in the category of fire, but they’re out of balance when like this.

Irritation, coupled with frustration, criticism, and sarcasm, can turn molten iron into inflexible steel. Fire emotions may come with a heady or intellectual angle. Another path that drives fire types to self-destructive isolation is the deflection of feelings, or the subversion of anger into armored argument, charged by a hardened ego. This may seem sophisticated, but it’s an emotionally acidic imbalance.


If you notice irritability as a status quo, you can change. You can dump and transmute excess fire from your mind with primal habits. Rejuvenation and reflection with the primal habits are the prudent approaches for fire types.

The positive stressors for fire types are FORGIVE, URINE THERAPY, COLD. HOT. BLEED., OUTSIDE, FAST, GROOVE. Fire is intense and intensifying. Letting go into the flow is the best eustressor for fire types. Going outside to play for the sake of play will see the fire imbalance digested by the joy of the moment. After this, you’ll feel rested and groovy.
Out of balance, this pattern suffers hyperacidity and irritability.

Fire Fasting Rhythm

Alternate 16/8 days with 18/6 and 14/10 days. You can do this during the week, or for a week solid and rotate weeks to get the feel for autophagy and metabolic flexibility.
Brunch: 10 am-noon.
Dinner: 4-6 pm.


FIRE types are most aware of the midday rise in digestive power and have the most robust morning appetite. FIRE types may do best starting with a 14/10 schedule, breaking their fast around 8 am and closing their kitchen around 6 pm. Often, waiting until 10 am to eat is a stretch and can lead, at first, to hyperacidity (acid stomach, sore throat, heartburn). Eventually, as their metabolism deepens, they may find they like the experience of a longer fast and wish to experiment with the 16/8. As modern schedules tend towards later in the day, they may find 10 am to 6 pm is a natural window.

However, on their own, FIRE types often gravitate towards eating earlier—8 am to 4 pm to optimize their physiology and productive power.

When transitioning to IF, highly sensitive and more delicate FIRE types may become irritable. However, with regular IF, Pittas become much more serene.

FIRE types will be hungrier at first. They will quickly crave the highest-quality fat and protein they can get into their cells. Due to their strong digestive capacity, Pittas will initially eat a lot of food and should, as mentioned, focus on those high-quality fats and proteins as they shorten their feed time. High-quality nutrients for these intense burners are required for fasting to be enjoyable.

For FIRE types, drinking unsweetened green juice, aloe juice, coconut water, tea with turmeric, ginger, and cilantro/coriander will help the detox process. Fresh is best. If you’re in cold weather, SIP hot water. In hot weather, water should be at room temperature. Remember the basic logic—if a liquid has calories, only drink it during feed time.

This Yogahealer Podcast episode explains fire types in this episode: “What Is Pitta Dosha?”1

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1Cate Stillman (2021, November 7). What is Pitta Dosha. Yogahealer.

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